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Building a network

Updated: May 24, 2022

Passionate people drive change. The first step in strengthening your network is to decide what you want to talk about.

What needs attention now?

This is not an easy question.

What won't let you go? What has a grip on you?

What matters most in the enterprises to which you have committed yourself?

The stronger the network I build around my passion, the more I can get done, and the more fun I have working with other people. But which passion and what specific questions need my time now?

Get specific about what is calling out for a conversation. Pick what matters enough to invest the time and emotional attention it will take set up the conversations I want. Then ask:

Who could I talk with?

This is work, net work. Who do I already know who I can easily reach out to? Who has the reputation, the smarts, and might tolerate an approach from me? Map this. Then start. Pick one person, and ...

Invite them.

There's a lot to framing an invitation, but in the end, inviting people to a deep conversation takes balls. Put it on your to-do list, find the phone number or email address, take your courage in both hands, and tell that person what you've been thinking about, and what you want.

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

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