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How do we educate new settlers?

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network is close to Melbourne - 2 hrs driving distance and less to the northern suburbs. People are moving there for the good life, but there's also a steady turnover. Most don’t realise what’s involved in managing a property, and they don’t always appreciate that this is a working agricultural landscape. 


They’re going to keep coming, so the UGLN’s committee decided the Network would have to get good at educating them. They found there were actually four issues that needed attention, and we framed each of these as a question:

  1. How do we reach new settlers?

  2. How do we educate new settlers about land management?

  3. How do we show new settlers how production and conservation go together in this landscape?

  4. How do we set up public recognition of good land managers?


They decided they needed to:

  • understand the different types of new settlers, their needs and ways of thinking

  • link up to other organisations which are also reaching out to these people, and find out what they were doing that was connecting to new settlers

  • assess what was working and not working in the ways they were reaching out to new settlers.

By mid 2018, they had put in place five things that connect them to new settlers. See their assessment in "UGLN Best Bets". See what they have achieved at "UGLN QWEA Progress May 2018."

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