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Notes from the field

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

This blog tracks the development of CLEA. It was conceived with Kaye Rodden, who wanted to get more support behind grassroots Landcare, and backed by the Natural Resources Conservation League, a philanthropic funder which wants to build capacity in the community environment sector.

Now in its fourth year, CLEA has been an action research project - that is, we try things out, see what works, and do more of what works.

This blog is the place we talk about what we are learning as we go, including the things that aren't going so well, and think about we might go next. If you want to sign in and have your say on any of these posts, that would be very cool. You'll find the comment form on the bottom of the page (I tried to get it underneath each post, but no - annoying glitch in Wix!).

The posts come from Ross Colliver (in the pink sox, feeling a little weary after a morning planting out). Ross is the Organiser of CLEA, and also maintains this website, so if you have feedback give him a call 0411 226519, or email

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