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At the grassroots


CLEA’s Questions Without Easy Answers sessions support committees of management building the capacities and relationships they need long-term. Committee work can get lost in the short-term; these sessions are about thinking ahead and taking action now.

Session 1. Your Question Without an Easy Answer looks ahead at where your group or Network needs to break new ground in the way it delivers services, collaborates, contributes to planning and works in its community. Then it frames this as a Question Without an Easy Answer - the question you need to get answers to, which doesn’t have obvious or single answers. It’s the Question the committee of management can put on its standing agenda, and come back to often as it tests out answers.


Session 2. Best Bets reviews what has been done on a Question in the past, and can be learnt from that. This clears the way for deciding as a committee what approaches to take now. This session gets everyone agreed about why specific approaches should be tested out, and prepares the committee to look at results and judge if the approach is working, needs tweeking or should be changed altogether for a different approach.

Session 3:  Working your Networks builds a collective map of the knowledge and support the committee can draw on as it pursues its Question. Who else has been working on the same issue? Who could share their experience, or point you to people with expertise? Who can work on your Question with you, so you don’t carry it on your own?


Download the worksheets at right and run these sessions yourself, or talk with CLEA about facilitating the sessions:


If you are a Landcare leader or staffer, sharpen your learning in your own practice by working out your personal Question Without an Easy Answer.

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